Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary

‘Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary’ is a collection of original short stories released in audiobook form.

As a result of the Coronavirus lockdown – which unfortunately interrupted our plans for ‘Usher: The Unbroken Line’ – we decided to make a series of spooky stories to be enjoyed from home.

Written & narrated by Andrew Bate & Chloe Gorman, with original scores also created by Andrew, the series is available for free on our YouTube channel, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Countess has a reputation for cruelty and bloodshed. But tonight she awaits the arrival of a mysterious visitor, one whose dark legacy may outdo her own. In our finale  of the Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary series, we look at how romanticising death can leave you unprepared for what happens when it arrives.
  1. Lady Death
  2. A Token
  3. Holmwood
  4. Midnight Visits
  5. Forgotten Song

All ten of our first Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary series are available for free on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If these tales sent a shiver down your spine, we’d love for you to like & share them.